Chiropractic Adjustments Effective for Ear Infections

Did you know that a chiropractor is able to heal an ear infection without the use of harmful antibiotics? Chiropractic adjustments are effective for ear infections.

There are two main causes of ear infections. The first cause is structural, which means either the jaw or the neck is causing compression on the eustachian tube (the tube in your ear that is responsible for equalizing pressure). The second cause is inflammation due to an allergy or an illness, which also plugs up the eustachian tube.

Thankfully, both of these types of ear infections can be treated by a properly trained chiropractor. Not every chiropractor has this specific training, so it’s important to check this before you make an appointment with your chiropractic physician. Dr. Bowers is trained to properly and effectively treat an ear infection.

To treat the ear infection, a chiropractor will first determine what is causing the ear infection. It could be a simple cold or that the neck or jaw isn’t functioning properly (out of alignment). It may also be an allergy to food or pollen.

The chiropractor will then need to eliminate the cause of the infection. For example, if it is an allergy, the chiropractor may recommend finding the cause of the allergy (like milk or pollen).

If the chiropractor determines it is the neck or jaw that is causing the blockage in the eustachian tube, the doctor will adjust the neck and jaw to relive the pressure build-up inside the ear.

The chiropractor may also recommend some specific exercises to help keep the eustachian tube open and draining properly to alleviate the infection.

This process works for both children (including infants) and adults.

So if you or your child is suffering from an ear infection, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!