Five Myths about Chiropractic Care

Five Common Myths about Chiropractic Care

This article explains some common myths associated with chiropractic care. These questions are often asked by new patients and can serve as an excellent guide to those people who may be new or unaware of some of the many benefits of using chiropractic care.

Myth #1 – Chiropractic therapy hurts.

Although it may initially appear that chiropractic care hurts because of the sounds from an adjustment, the feeling can actually be quite refreshing and pleasant. Chiropractors make adjustments to the spine through precise movements of body shifting and weight disbursement. There may be a slight amount of stretching involved to ensure that a chiropractor makes your adjustments as beneficial as possible. Rest assured that Dr. Bowers will do everything possible to aid in your comfort before, during, and after an adjustment.

Myth #2 – It costs too much.

At our office, we strive to make sure we provide the highest quality care at reasonable prices. There are over 200 health insurance companies in Utah that provide some amount of chiropractic care within their plans. If you don’t have a health plan with chiropractic coverage, we have out-of-insurance rates that are designed to be affordable.

Myth #3 – You have to remove all your clothes for the doctor.

When you come in for your initial exam and subsequent visits, Dr. Bowers does not require you to remove all your clothing and change into different clothes. Nearly all of his chiropractic visits are completed without the removal of any clothing. Some items such as a heavy coat may need to be removed so that the adjustment is easier for you.

Myth #4 – Once you start, you have to go for the rest of your life.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The main goal of Dr. Bowers is to treat your pain or discomfort as quickly as possible so you no longer need to return. Many patients only need to see him once or twice before they have a full recovery.

Myth #5 – Chiropractors are not real doctors.

In order to become a chiropractic doctor, you must complete 6-8 years of college and have over 4,500 classroom hours of health-specific sciences. This is more than the average medical school curriculum. Chiropractic doctors are educated in anatomy, nutrition, and neurology. Just like medical doctors, chiropractors must complete government-regulated tests. Dr. Bowers also has attended many post-graduate seminars to ensure you receive the best quality care available today.