About Dr. Bowers

For over fifteen years, Dr. Marc V. Bowers has been successfully
practicing Sports and Family Chiropractic Medicine in Provo, Utah.


Dr. Bowers received his Doctorate from the Western States
Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, with an additional emphasis in
back pain during pregnancy and treating infants and children. Dr.
Bowers then completed post-doctoral studies to earn further
credentialing as a board-certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.

Dr. Bowers was the first in Utah to be certified in the Graston
technique for treating scar tissue. He continues to remain up-to-date on
the latest developments in Chiropractic care and attends various
professional educational seminars each year.

Treating Athletes, Dancers, and Musicians

During his career Dr. Bowers has worked with both professional and
amateur athletes from many different sports, including figure skating,
baseball, basketball, football, gymnastics, running, golf, rugby,
bowling, snowboarding, and skiing. He has worked with the Nationwide
golf tour for five years. In 2002 Dr. Bowers was honored to be selected
to work with world-class athletes at the Winter Olympic Games in Salt
Lake City. Dr. Bowers treats dancers and musicians who sustain injuries during practice and performance and who also require proper body alignment for top functioning.

Other Conditions

Dr. Bowers has extensive experience treating a wide range of
conditions—from auto accident trauma and herniated discs, to ankle,
knee, and shoulder injuries. He sees many other patients for routine
adjustments, remedies pulled muscles, and relieves those “cricks” in the
neck and back from everyday activities. Dr. Bowers also treats infants,
children, and pregnant or postpartum women.

Personal Approach

Beyond his professional expertise, what really sets Dr. Bowers apart
is the personal interest he takes in each of his patients. Dr. Bowers
takes time with each of his patients to discover what it is they need
and what treatments will be most effective for them. His philosophy is
to treat his patients as he would like to be cared for if he were the
one in pain. It is this empathetic approach and support that patients
appreciate above and beyond Dr. Bowers’ clinical skill.

Other interests

When not treating patients, Dr. Bowers loves to referee high school
sports, garden, work in his yard, go boating, participate in his church
community, and spend time with his wife and four children.