“I just wanted to thank Dr. Bowers for the visit on Monday. He was very kind, personable, informative, and patient with my many questions. I also appreciate the student discount. Thanks again!” -N.G.

“Several months ago, I discovered from an MRI that I had a slipped disc, and according to a neurosurgeon, stenosis that involved L4 and L5 vertebrae which only surgery could correct as a last resort. The neurosurgeon recommended I seek alternative help. I considered acupuncture and massage therapy and finally decided to go back to Dr. Marc Bowers whom I’d seen several years before for an adjustment. Dr. Bowers assured me he was quite positive he could help me. I had extreme pain and after just a couple of visits I was much better and continue to be with much less pain. In fact, on some days I have no pain at all. I’m completely happy with the results received from treatment. I appreciate Dr. Bowers’ professional manner, personality, and helpfulness. And as a big plus, he’s the only doctor I know of who doesn’t keep people waiting in the office. I’m a very happy patient and will keep coming back for treatment.” -D.H.

“I really like that Dr. Bowers’ appointments are thirty minutes long and he does all the treatments himself, instead of a tech. I’ve seen Dr. Bowers for over ten years for pain management for some chronic conditions. His treatments provide relief from my headaches and back pain and are so good for my body and so much better for me than taking drugs. In my lifetime I’ve received treatment from at least five other chiropractors before finding Dr. Bowers. Dr. Bowers is simply the best.” -B.T.